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As Christians we believe the full purpose of our lives is to praise God. As we do so we begin to recognise more and more that everything comes from God and to feel even more thankful and full of praise.

Upcoming Worship Services & Events

04/12/21 - 2.00pm Winter Fair

And of course there is:

Worship service every Sunday @10.00am, Tuesday @7.00pm & Friday 10.00am.

Junior and Youth Church every Sunday @10.00am and;

Youth Get Together (YGT) every second Sunday @2.00pm.

This week by name we pray for:

​Jayne Collins, Maxine Mulford, Bryan Williams, Jo Dale, Andrew Churchman, Arthur Doughty, Linda, John Jones, Pete Reed, Stella Cheng, Aiden Littrell, Jeremy Short, Alison Griffiths, Peter Greening and John Muir.

The recently departed:

Betty Harris RIP

Terry Lyons RIP

Also remembering those whose anniversary falls at this time:


28        Nellie Kitching (74), Sally King (96), Miriam Woodson, Edna Coughlan (12)

29        Barbara Barrett (09), Grace Rose (09), Barbara Hewson (11), Valerie Beal (11),

            Dulcibelle Bearryman (12), Cathy Smith (14)

30        Pamela Togni (08), Maggie Hayashi (12), Christopher Ware (13),

            Margaret Rose Pratt (17)


1          Nadine Cribb, Edgar Thomas (04), Francis Smith (06),

            Katherine Fraser MacDonald (07)

2          Rita Jenn, Carol Alldridge, Maurice Barnett (09), Joyce Goddard (13),

            Tony Goff (20)

3          Frederick Stark, Rhys Thomas, Kathleen Wye (06), Jean Hawkins (13)

4          Arthur Randall (02)