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Our church community offers various activities that you can join and support. You can participate in walking groups to explore the area while getting some exercise. Prayer groups offer a peaceful setting to deepen your spiritual practice. We also have informal meetings where you can discuss a range of topics with fellow members.

People holding and reading an open Bible

Home Groups

Home Groups provide an opportunity and a safe space to; explore the Bible and other issues together, explore those questions of faith we wanted to ask, grow in our faith journey and understanding of God’s purpose for the world, get to know other people, and invite friends and anyone who may be seeking to know more about the Christian faith.

Home Groups are temporarily unavailable until further notice. Please speak to the Vicar if you are interested in hosting a Home Group.


Cornerstone is an informal opportunity to meet together in our beautiful church over a cup of tea or coffee, to share experiences and to support each other, maybe through a difficult time.

We meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2:30 pm, and warmly invite you to join us.

For more information contact us here.

Prayer Corner in St Augustine's Whitton Church
Walking Sticks

The Strollers

St Augustine Church Strollers Group welcomes anyone who may enjoy walking and meeting new people. We walk on the last Saturday of each month and have mid-month walks on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. We aim to cover a distance between 4-6 miles and include stops for both coffee and lunch.

We have members of differing ages and abilities, all of whom are welcome, as we aim for fellowship combined with mild exercise in pleasant surroundings.

Please contact for further information.

Prayer Link

Prayer Link is a confidential service offered by a group of people in the church, who pray for those in need each day, for seven days.

If you are unwell, waiting for test results, anxious or worried, in pain, out of work, bereaved or lonely or feel a long way from God, please contact:

Our team leader, Dina Bartle:

or Kathy Bale:

or speak to a member of the team in Church

Praying Hands


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