Part of our mission is to follow the example of Christ who washed the disciple’s feet emphasizing that he came to serve.​Homelink is an expression of the servant ministry of Jesus.


Homelink is a day respite centre supporting carers of any age who give help and care to a partner, relative, friend or neighbour who cannot manage without their help. This could be because of age, disability, physical and/or mental illness.​ We serve the people who have someone that they are caring for in the Whitton, Hounslow Borders, Twickenham, Hampton and Teddington areas.​


Homelink provides a happy and vibrant environment where people can enjoy each other’s company supported by trained staff and volunteers. The Centre enables carers to take a well-earned day´s respite. For more information click here.

Children and Families

We are hoping to resume our monthly 10:00 am family service which is designed for participant of all ages.

We are planning to resume a full programme of children's groups during the 10:00am services throughout the month.  For more information contact Churchwarden


Cornerstone is an informal opportunity to meet together in our beautiful church over a cup of tea or coffee, to share experiences and to support each other, maybe through a difficult time.


Once the covid restriction is lifted we are planning to return to our Cornerstone café.


We warmly invite you. For more information click here.

Bishop Perrin School

St Augustine's has had a long association with Bishop Perrin School in fact the church used to worship in the hall before the present church was built in 1958.   For more information about Bishop Perrin Church of England Primary School click here.