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In view of the Church of England guidance on COVID-19 following the UK Government's changes made on 19th July, we are taking a more cautious approach at this stage as we strive to ensure everyone is protected and no one is prevented from gathered worship. The following measures are effective from Sunday 25th July 2021:


The Choir will be able to sing as a full complement during worship service, but we will not have a full sung Mass just yet.


Wearing Mask/Face covering will continue during worship and other functions while we are in enclosed places such as the church building and others.


Congregation will be singing while wearing masks/face coverings to avoid putting anyone at risk. 


Current Seating arrangement will remain in place with social distancing observed.


Holy Communion will continue to be received in one kind only.


This guidance will be reviewed at the beginning of October.


If you have any specific concerns on any of the details, please speak to the Vicar or the Wardens."

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