Sunday 28 February 2021
Our service this morning was recorded and
is now available for viewing by clicking on the the following link:
Stations of the Cross  7.00pm
We are happy to announce that as from Sunday 28th February 
the church will be open for gathered worship at 10am,
and we will follow strictly the safety measures and
Government guidelines.
While anyone is welcome, we note that those
who are shielding and vulnerable are encouraged to
remain at home until end of March.
A recorded service will be made available at 2.30pm
on the website and the facebook page.
Those who are able to come, we ask you to follow instructions
given to you on arrival and during the worship service.
A revised Risk Assessment can also be found on the
Information Page of this website.
Stations of the Cross
Viewing from 7.00pm


6th January, 7pm         The Collation of Rev Canon John Kafwanka Kaoma


A recording of the service can be accessed by clicking on the link below; you will be asked for a passcode which is R%zwwM5?




Belief in God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit is at the heart of our faith. Christians believe that Jesus is God’s Son. Jesus reveals to us that God is our Father, and that God is available to us through the Holy Spirit. 

You won’t ever be asked if you completely understand all this. But you are asked whether you believe and trust. This is called faith. It is a different sort of knowledge. It is the knowledge of being known and loved, and of loving in return.

The Christian faith is not a human invention. There are signs of God’s existence and handiwork in creation for anyone to read (Acts 14.15–17). But we believe in the way we do because God has come to seek us out and has made himself known to us.

“Giving to the Church.” 

St Augustine's has been loved and supported by congregation members, local people and visitors for sixty years. Its ministry today is built on the foundations of those who have gone before us, and on the generosity of those who support the church today. We are very grateful to all who support St Augustine's through financial gifts, and also to those who support it with their time and talents.


We are a Christ centred community made up of every kind of person. We are excited about helping people discover the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ; growing in relationship with God and serving him right where we are. We hope you will come and visit us and explore faith for yourself. If you like more information or chat about the Christian Faith then message me.




St Augustine of Canterbury, Whitton PCC is a Registered Charity, Number 1134957. 

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